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k.a.n.a's wonder world

"k.a.n.a's wonder world" is the show directed by Kana Kitty since 2013.
In this show, Kana Kitty dances with painting, and it makes the space painted as a result. Kana Kitty invites the guest artists like musiciens and dancers to the space where she painted, then they express by therselvs. they can conciouly perform with the painted space by Kana Kitty, or they can also ignore of it. it's up to them.

Nobody knows how it will work between two expressions and how the space changes. This show is the experiment of the expressions.

【About “Butoh Painting”】


Butoh was born in Japan in the 1960s. As the reaction against the imported modern dance, Butoh dancers focused on their body and mind based on Japanese rural culture. This attitude established a unique body philosophy and Butoh keeps attracting artists all over the world.

Kana Kitty’s rendering of the art form is by way of painting her movements. She does not paint a picture, but the final painting becomes a collage of her motions. It could be understood as a form of site-specific art. "Butoh Painting" is an original expression created by Kana Kitty.

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