Kana Kitty カナキティ

舞踏家 / 女優 / 新層C区


獨協大学 外国語学部英語学科中退。青山学院女子短期大学芸術学科卒業。在学中、裸婦デッザンの授業でデッサンモデルが暗黒舞踏家だったため、舞踏に出逢う。




絵具と身体の表現行為「舞踏ペインティング(BUTOH PAINTHING)」で出来上がる空間に、ゲストアーティストが対峙するスタイルの空間実験企画公演「k.a.n.a’s wonder world」継続中。



Butoh dancer / Actress / Sin So Seek

Butoh Dancer, Actress

Kana was born in Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from the Art course of Aoyama Gakuin Woman's Junior College.

Kana started dancing by herself without any teachers to quest on the journey for her own movement. She does both solo performances, and often collaborates with musicians and various artists.

Touring internationally, Kana has performed in France, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Vietnam and lceland.

In 2015, she started acting in theaters, on TV shows, and in films.

"Butoh Painting” is Kana’s original creation of expression.
In 2017, became a member of electronic the musical duo 'Sin So Seek' as a performer.

【About “Butoh Painting”】


Butoh was established in 1961 by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. Butoh in a unique style of dance, which was founded in the 1960s. Hijikata and Ohno applied Japanese do-ran (makeup style for Geishas) on their entire bodies. The two Butoh dancers collaborated with avante-garde artists at the time.

Butoh is a complex dance form that is difficult to analyze as there is a strong sense of Japanese consciousness imbedded in it. Today there exists a great number of styles that derived from the original Ankoku-Butoh.

Kana Kitty’s rendering of the art form is by way of painting her movements. She does not paint a picture, but the final painting becomes a collage of her motions. It could be understood as a form of site-specific art. "Butoh Painting" is an original expression created by Kana Kitty.




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1987 Born in Tokyo, JAPAN

2009 Graduated Aoyama Gakuin Woman's Junior College Art course

2011 National tour 2011

2012 Art Islands Tokyo International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2012 (Oshima Island)

2013 Performed at Higuma Haruo solo exhibition / A Corns Gallery (Tokyo)

            ACKid 2013 Misa Wematsu + Kana / KID AILACK ART HALL (Tokyo)

   Art Islands Tokyo International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2013

   Performed at Misa Wematsu solo exhibiton / Gallery Haneusagi (Kyoto)

2014    Nippon Performanceart Festivel South Asia tour (Bangladesh, Nepal)

   Hakobune + Haruhisa Tanaka + Kana Korea tour (Seoul)

   17th Nippon Performanceart Festivel ASIA (Tokyo, Miyazaki, Nagano)

      France tour 2014 (Paris, Saint Nazarie)

   Art Islands Tokyo International Contemporary Art exhibiton 2014 (Oshima Island)

2015    Performed at Open Air Music Festival sora-oto 2015 (Yamanashi)

            Art Islands Tokyo International Contemporary Art exhibiton 2015 (Oshima Island)

            Artist in Residence FAC (Saint-Ursanne, Switzerland)

            Iceland tour Reflections 2015 / Museum of Akureiri, deiglan, Verksmidjunni a Hjalteyri

            (Iceland, Akureiri)

            ACKid 2015 Kana Maekawa + Kana / KID AILACK ART HALL (Tokyo)

2016   Art Islands Tokyo International Contemporary Art exhibiton 2016 (Oshima Island)

   #10 ECOUTER POUR L’INSTANT (Queyssac, France)

            Void of Sound + Kana (Oslo, Norway)

            Group exhibition “Jikkei”/ Akibatamabi21 Arts Chiyoda 3331 (Tokyo)

            NIPAF ASIA WS-IN:ACT May 2016 in Vietnam (Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Veitnam)

2017   FRESH WINDS International Art Biennale (Gardur, Iceland)